Monday, September 2, 2013

Tucuman - August 26th

Hello Dearest Family!

This week was pretty great! We went to Walmart last Monday and printed pictures. There´s another branch of Walmart here called Chango Mas, which is really close to where we live. We can buy just about everything there, but the true Walmart, which is farther away, really does have EVERYTHING. Plus you can print pictures. Speaking of pictures, I forgot to bring my cord today. I´ll send them soon, I promise!
We had a cool miracle this week. The Jimenez-Garnica family that we´ve been teaching for forever (where the dad didn´t want to give permission) had a problem with a neighbor and had to move. We always say, "Whatever you need, call us." Finally someone did! We were able to ask a non-member husband of a less active to lend us his truck, and a former investigator saw us in the street and said he´d come with to help out. Later, the guy with the truck had to go to work, but another member with a mini truck came and we were able to fit it all! The whole family went to Ward Conference this week and had a wonderful experience! For the first time in months of attendance, Brother Jimenez, the dad, went with his family, and Sister Garnica said that she really felt comfortable in church, and like God had really responded! The church is for the family. I´ll keep you updated on them.
We talked to another family this week. They´re members, but going through a divorce. She doesn´t want to go to church because they talk so much about the family and she knows that her family can´t be eternal, and that it hurts to go. I had no clue what to say, but it was amazing to see the Spirit work through me and my companion. We were able to teach about trusting in the Lord and his promises. Although we don´t know everything, we know enough to trust him.
In Ward Conference, lots of great stuff happened! We got a bishop finally, who seems ready to work! We also got a new Ward Mission Leader, that has a ton of desire to work! They also introduced a plan to get the home teaching going. I´m excited!
Birthday cake! A sister made that for me!
My birthday I ate cake. A couple sisters prepared a party for me, but no males could come, so they sent us home with the hot dogs and cake. It was really great of them. I also got to celebrate as dad recommended, inviting people to get baptized. We challenged 2 people that day and they´re preparing for the 21st of September. What a great birthday! Plus I went around showing the picture Caitlin drew of Pres. Monson and told everyone he turned 86 that day. I love prophets!
I studied a lot in the Atonement this week. I love the scriptures! I learned a lot about perseverance and prayer.
On a less spiritual note, we saw a Corvette Z06 and an Audi TT in a super poor part of our area. It was so weird!
Well, that was the week! Oh, and it was transfers today. My companion went to the inner city and I´m staying here... training! I´m leaving for Salta Wednesday to pick up my comp. In the mean time I´ll be hanging around with the zone leaders and members.
I hope you all have a great week!


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