Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tucuman - August 19th

Hello Family!
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! It was so nice to read a letter from every one of you! This week we had a zone training, meaning that the mail came!
The district two translados ago!
I got a letter from Russell Taylor. It was so sweet to get a letter from him! If you see him, tell him thanks!
I got to use Taekwon-Do! It's not what you think. There's a kid that goes to the ward here that's a high-yellow belt. While his mom was cutting my comp's hair we did Do-San together. Ah! It was so great! I'm glad my Heavenly Father gave me a chance to use TKD like that on my mission. It truly is the International TKD federation.
After the zone conference, we were super energized to invite everyone to baptism. I was on divisions with Elder Bench, who doesn't speak a whole bunch of Spanish, but we had a great time!
Elder Bench. He´s pretty new. The district leader was
 in my area for quite a while, so we had some good 
bonding moments. He´s only been here a few months, 
but he´s super cool. Also, grido, half the reason I´m so fat.
Asado! Kidney, fat, filled intestine, etc. The other reason I´m so fat.

We invited everyone to get baptized, even if we only talked to them for ten minutes and it was incredible how many people accepted, and told us who else we could invite. It was a day full of little miracles! For example, in addition to what I've already said, the sister that gave us food DIDN'T cook polenta! I´m not exactly sure how to describe polenta, but everyone hates it. I don't mind it, but Elder Bench was super happy. When we went to cross the busy avenues, cars stopped coming. We didn't have to wait to cross the street all day. It was something I've never seen. It's those little miracles that let us know that God is truly a caring father.
The other day we were making contacts when a lady said that she thought that a member lived around the corner. We went to the house and found out that the Young Women's President lived there. Of course, as missionaries, people know we're mormon, but even when you're just a member, people know, and pay attention, even if you don't know it.
I loved using art this week! I cannibalized a gospel art book to be able to carry the pictures in my little pack, and pulled them out on a few contacts. It's so much easier to understand who the prophets are and who Mormon was and where the Book of Mormon comes from and all that when there are pictures to accompany the words. It's interesting to see how captivated people become when you pull out art.
I had a really cool lesson on temples and family history with an ex-gang boss that got baptized a year ago. Incredible how people can change!
In lunch I got to share Alma 47 and the story of Lehonti because the family asked why the war chapters were included. We applied it to their lives and they were super excited to read more! Applying is the secret to loving the scriptures!
Well, that was my week! I hope yours was equally as awesome! Thanks again for the birthday wishes!


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