Monday, September 9, 2013

Tucuman - September 9th

Being senior comp is different. Out of no where my spanish got a lot better. God blesses us, especially when he needs us to do something we are clearly not able to do on our own. I feel a lot more responsibility, but I also feel a lot more able to change and do what I need to do to improve.
Haha! My comp's dad really wanted to go to ComiCon, but his family dragged him to the fair. Speaking of that, when my comp came down, his mom looked up Argentina Salta Mission and found a blog of a missionary waiting in Oregon that came down and now is in Tucuman. The next week she saw her son and his trainer and recognized my name. How crazy is that!?
We had a really cool member take us to visit someone this week. He decided he wanted to share a Book of Mormon with the guy he bought fruit from. So he did! We always know SOMEONE we can share the gospel with!
I gave a really fun talk in church - looking out for our brethren. I talked about a lot of stuff Pres. Kimball said about fellowship in the church and the importance of home teaching. Then I got a little hard on the members and read Matthew 26:40. Not sure what it says exactly in English, but it's like, "You couldn't watch with me even an hour?" In all the time we have in the week, don't we have at least an hour we can use to visit someone, offer help, take them a treat, tell them we care, or do something to help them? If we love the Lord, we feed his sheep. It made me grateful that I have a lot more than an hour to do that. What a great time of life is the mission!
We visited a family where all the five girls are pregnant and their boyfriends fight and steal from one another. Made me grateful for the law of chastity.
We found a super cool lady this week! We started teaching the restoration and she said, "I'm Catholic, but I really want to understand this. Can you explain more?" So we did! She accepted to be baptized and really opened up. We were able to share about the atonement and I felt the spirit so strong. I'm so grateful for that event.
Last experience! We were walking home late last night when a kid came running to us and said, "Hey! That guy wants to talk to you!" I saw the alcohol and knew it was late, but I felt okay about it. So we went up and they said, "Hey! We helped build your church! Do you want some coke? Barbeque? Anything?" I figured we'd take their names, leave a pamphlet, and come back when sober, but there was this little hunchback kid that came out that said, "Excuse me, but would you read this pamphlet for me?" He was so cute and just happened to be called Bryan. We read and I've never seen a bunch of drunk men so quiet. It was such a cool experience.
Anyway, love you all! Hope you all have a great week!


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