Monday, September 16, 2013

Tucuman - September 16th

Hello Family!
This week was really cool. I quite enjoyed it. Bipolar weather and all. We started off pretty cool, got really hot, then it got really cold and now it's raining. But the work's been great all week!
We started off the week with a guy in a wheel chair that felt really sad and lonely. I was totally just thinking teach him the restoration to let him know that all of God's wonderful truths have been restored and that he can access them all, when my very new companion started in on the plan of salvation. I thought he was crazy, but just went with it. Then my comp shared an experience about his grandma and how she had the same disease the guy had, but with a knowledge of the plan of salvation, she felt happy and had the hope of a perfect body in the resurrection. It was a cool example of teaching to someone's needs, and I felt the spirit testifying through me and through my companion.
I found out that it's really fun to teach about the restoration through the Book of Mormon's history. It testifies of God and Christ (God is our loving Heavenly Father), then starts off with the family of Lehi (the gospel blesses families), prophets testify, baptize, and prophecy of Christ (prophets and dispensations), then Christ comes and organizes his church (earthy ministry of the Savior), but with time the people reject the church and only Moroni's left (apostasy), but the Book of Mormon has been revealed and we have all the truth (restoration)! Cool how the history of the world and the patterns that we teach are mirrored on the both sides of the world.
We found a guy whose house completely burned down on the inside this week. It was really cool to see his attitude. He was so positive and talked a lot about his blessings. It was a little weird when he touched the Book of Mormon and crossed himself, but he was a really cool example of counting blessings in really bad situations.
We found a couple really cool Catholics this week. That are actually ACTIVE. That like, never happens here. It surprised me how much of the truth they've been able to find, even without the help of Christ's true church, and the spiritual experiences they've had in their lives. My comp and I were just talking the other day about how much of the gospel really is found just in the Bible, just not clear without the Book of Mormon. For us, the scripture of those who have not the truth only because they know not where to find it is being fulfilled before our eyes. And now we're here to not only help them find it, but present it to them personally! It's exciting!
Well, I hope you all have a great week!


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