Monday, September 23, 2013

Tucuman - September 23rd

Hello my beloved family!
I fixed it with super glue and tape!
So I fixed my comp's bed that collapsed last week! I felt very handymanish.  
We talked to a couple old lady inactives this week. Wow... People just need to get along with their neighbors. Weird how little quibbles can lead to forfeiting eternal exaltation and deciding to go an apostate church. I'm just happy to be a member with a testimony.
We had a great lesson with some really open, smart catholics! When we came back they were really concerned, and asked us if we did blood pacts. I wasn't sure if I understood at first, but apparently they'd heard we do blood pacts. I was happy to report that we don't, and then teach a wonderful Plan of Salvation lesson.
The tie Elder Sant (my trainer who recently went home)
gave me.
I'm getting my package!!!! I´m super excited, hence the excessive use of exclamation points. I´m so excited for new music NOT downloaded from the MoTab conference library!
My comp got kinda sick, so I decided to make food. If I do say so myself, I can cook if I really want to. I made oatmeal, jello, churripan (kinda like bratwurst), and a type of mac and cheese. If you hear something about the noodles being accidentally saturated in salt, just ignore it. They tasted just fine.
While I waited for my comp to get better I got a lot of planning done. Toward the end I was going a little crazy from being inside so long, but the power of pills is wonderful, and it only lasted a day!
We met an awesome catholic guy who said that he would reactivate himself in his church once the priest got married. We had a wonderful eternal marriage conversation and invited him to church. Unfortunately his soon-to-expire marriage with his wife prevents him from changing religion. He already tried once and she got really mad at him. Just makes me happy for the wonderful things the church teaches about the family.
Our apartment - we live in that part up top,
Church was nuts. We went to pick up people we said we'd go with. They seemed surprised when we showed up. "Just a sec, I'll be out in a jiffy!" So we waited. And waited. And waited... Then they came out completely changed. We were late to church, but we were saved by a really awesome member who decided to bring all of her friends to church! Lots of investigators there. Moral of the story - Be ready to go to church, and if you want to make the missionaries REALLY happy, bring lots of non-member friends with you!
Last experience. We had an awesome lesson with a lady this week who just didn't understand the importance of keeping commandments. I thought back on a few similar situations and thought, "she really needs Mosiah 2:41." (And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it.) My comp let me know that he wanted to say something and I thought, "But I really want to share this scripture!" I looked over and he already had his BoM open to Mosiah.
Me studying.
Later we talked about it and he told me the thought process he had to get to that scripture. Completely different, but with the same end. The spirit works through mysterious, distinct ways, but if we listen, it'll take us to where we need to be.

Well, I hope you all have a great week! Love you guys!

Our washing machine.
Facturas! They're delicious.

Elder Lyman and Quipes. They're like meatloaf balls.
Elder Lyman in the cyber cafe.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tucuman - September 16th

Hello Family!
This week was really cool. I quite enjoyed it. Bipolar weather and all. We started off pretty cool, got really hot, then it got really cold and now it's raining. But the work's been great all week!
We started off the week with a guy in a wheel chair that felt really sad and lonely. I was totally just thinking teach him the restoration to let him know that all of God's wonderful truths have been restored and that he can access them all, when my very new companion started in on the plan of salvation. I thought he was crazy, but just went with it. Then my comp shared an experience about his grandma and how she had the same disease the guy had, but with a knowledge of the plan of salvation, she felt happy and had the hope of a perfect body in the resurrection. It was a cool example of teaching to someone's needs, and I felt the spirit testifying through me and through my companion.
I found out that it's really fun to teach about the restoration through the Book of Mormon's history. It testifies of God and Christ (God is our loving Heavenly Father), then starts off with the family of Lehi (the gospel blesses families), prophets testify, baptize, and prophecy of Christ (prophets and dispensations), then Christ comes and organizes his church (earthy ministry of the Savior), but with time the people reject the church and only Moroni's left (apostasy), but the Book of Mormon has been revealed and we have all the truth (restoration)! Cool how the history of the world and the patterns that we teach are mirrored on the both sides of the world.
We found a guy whose house completely burned down on the inside this week. It was really cool to see his attitude. He was so positive and talked a lot about his blessings. It was a little weird when he touched the Book of Mormon and crossed himself, but he was a really cool example of counting blessings in really bad situations.
We found a couple really cool Catholics this week. That are actually ACTIVE. That like, never happens here. It surprised me how much of the truth they've been able to find, even without the help of Christ's true church, and the spiritual experiences they've had in their lives. My comp and I were just talking the other day about how much of the gospel really is found just in the Bible, just not clear without the Book of Mormon. For us, the scripture of those who have not the truth only because they know not where to find it is being fulfilled before our eyes. And now we're here to not only help them find it, but present it to them personally! It's exciting!
Well, I hope you all have a great week!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Tucuman - September 9th

Being senior comp is different. Out of no where my spanish got a lot better. God blesses us, especially when he needs us to do something we are clearly not able to do on our own. I feel a lot more responsibility, but I also feel a lot more able to change and do what I need to do to improve.
Haha! My comp's dad really wanted to go to ComiCon, but his family dragged him to the fair. Speaking of that, when my comp came down, his mom looked up Argentina Salta Mission and found a blog of a missionary waiting in Oregon that came down and now is in Tucuman. The next week she saw her son and his trainer and recognized my name. How crazy is that!?
We had a really cool member take us to visit someone this week. He decided he wanted to share a Book of Mormon with the guy he bought fruit from. So he did! We always know SOMEONE we can share the gospel with!
I gave a really fun talk in church - looking out for our brethren. I talked about a lot of stuff Pres. Kimball said about fellowship in the church and the importance of home teaching. Then I got a little hard on the members and read Matthew 26:40. Not sure what it says exactly in English, but it's like, "You couldn't watch with me even an hour?" In all the time we have in the week, don't we have at least an hour we can use to visit someone, offer help, take them a treat, tell them we care, or do something to help them? If we love the Lord, we feed his sheep. It made me grateful that I have a lot more than an hour to do that. What a great time of life is the mission!
We visited a family where all the five girls are pregnant and their boyfriends fight and steal from one another. Made me grateful for the law of chastity.
We found a super cool lady this week! We started teaching the restoration and she said, "I'm Catholic, but I really want to understand this. Can you explain more?" So we did! She accepted to be baptized and really opened up. We were able to share about the atonement and I felt the spirit so strong. I'm so grateful for that event.
Last experience! We were walking home late last night when a kid came running to us and said, "Hey! That guy wants to talk to you!" I saw the alcohol and knew it was late, but I felt okay about it. So we went up and they said, "Hey! We helped build your church! Do you want some coke? Barbeque? Anything?" I figured we'd take their names, leave a pamphlet, and come back when sober, but there was this little hunchback kid that came out that said, "Excuse me, but would you read this pamphlet for me?" He was so cute and just happened to be called Bryan. We read and I've never seen a bunch of drunk men so quiet. It was such a cool experience.
Anyway, love you all! Hope you all have a great week!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Tucuman - September 2nd

Hey fam!
So I kinda got caught trying to upload fotos and it ate a lot of time... I'll have to be fast again.
We had a miracle this week as I started off bouncing from member to member waiting for my new companion to get here, since I always had to be with someone. We found a drunk guy in the street that stopped us and said, "I want to change, and I feel like I need to talk to you guys." From there, after teaching him a little of the plan of salvation, he said, "I already feel better!" Miracles happen!
Speaking of miracles, there was a lady that stopped us in the street and said that she wanted a pamphet. It's always cool when people talk to us instead of us talking to them!
Our new bishop is really cool! I had a meeting with him and we talked about his vision and plans for the ward. I'm pumped!
Elder Lyman. He´s my new comp.
Elder Lyman's my new comp.
I'm trying to send a pic. He's from Tooele Utah, very gringo, and fresh from the MTC! And really tall. Really cool Elder, and I'm excited to be with him. I was a little surprised because I was one of the younger trainers and one of the few that got a missionary that doesn't already have time on the mission waiting for a visa. It's great!
Lucas... I was thinking about dropping him and then this last Sunday he went up and bore his testimony in sacrament meeting. I'm still not sure if he said that he knows the church and the Book of Mormon are true just because everyone else was doing it or if he really believes it, but we'll see!
We got to take a member with us to testify to Flia Jimenez Garnica  about marriage. Thanks for being a great example of that parents! Makes it easier to testify of the blessings.
I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Brown. Not my comp, but we went to the same school. We graduated together.

Tucuman - August 26th

Hello Dearest Family!

This week was pretty great! We went to Walmart last Monday and printed pictures. There´s another branch of Walmart here called Chango Mas, which is really close to where we live. We can buy just about everything there, but the true Walmart, which is farther away, really does have EVERYTHING. Plus you can print pictures. Speaking of pictures, I forgot to bring my cord today. I´ll send them soon, I promise!
We had a cool miracle this week. The Jimenez-Garnica family that we´ve been teaching for forever (where the dad didn´t want to give permission) had a problem with a neighbor and had to move. We always say, "Whatever you need, call us." Finally someone did! We were able to ask a non-member husband of a less active to lend us his truck, and a former investigator saw us in the street and said he´d come with to help out. Later, the guy with the truck had to go to work, but another member with a mini truck came and we were able to fit it all! The whole family went to Ward Conference this week and had a wonderful experience! For the first time in months of attendance, Brother Jimenez, the dad, went with his family, and Sister Garnica said that she really felt comfortable in church, and like God had really responded! The church is for the family. I´ll keep you updated on them.
We talked to another family this week. They´re members, but going through a divorce. She doesn´t want to go to church because they talk so much about the family and she knows that her family can´t be eternal, and that it hurts to go. I had no clue what to say, but it was amazing to see the Spirit work through me and my companion. We were able to teach about trusting in the Lord and his promises. Although we don´t know everything, we know enough to trust him.
In Ward Conference, lots of great stuff happened! We got a bishop finally, who seems ready to work! We also got a new Ward Mission Leader, that has a ton of desire to work! They also introduced a plan to get the home teaching going. I´m excited!
Birthday cake! A sister made that for me!
My birthday I ate cake. A couple sisters prepared a party for me, but no males could come, so they sent us home with the hot dogs and cake. It was really great of them. I also got to celebrate as dad recommended, inviting people to get baptized. We challenged 2 people that day and they´re preparing for the 21st of September. What a great birthday! Plus I went around showing the picture Caitlin drew of Pres. Monson and told everyone he turned 86 that day. I love prophets!
I studied a lot in the Atonement this week. I love the scriptures! I learned a lot about perseverance and prayer.
On a less spiritual note, we saw a Corvette Z06 and an Audi TT in a super poor part of our area. It was so weird!
Well, that was the week! Oh, and it was transfers today. My companion went to the inner city and I´m staying here... training! I´m leaving for Salta Wednesday to pick up my comp. In the mean time I´ll be hanging around with the zone leaders and members.
I hope you all have a great week!