Monday, April 29, 2013

San Salvador de Jujuy - April 29th

Hello Family!
Sounds like everything's going great back home! I love Elder Allen! He gave two talks when I was in the MTC. Both were super funny with a very deep spiritual side to them. One of them included a presentation of a selection of mormon commercials from almost every era. He was always really dynamic and fun to listen to! I'm glad you all had a good experience. 
That's sad about Julie Shanks, but I think she was prepared to go. You have to love the knowledge we have of the plan of salvation. I was just reading in Jesus the Christ about the resurrection of Christ and his time in the Spirit World and I was thinking about just how normal death is. It's just a brief movement of the spirit to do some more missionary work before coming back to a perfected and resurrected body. The gospel is great!
So we had a baptism this week! That was really exciting. Leila was really prepared. Admittedly, I was a little worried due to the fact that every once in a while she has a blonde moment, but it turned out really well! I was told she passed both her interview with the zone leader and the interview with the bishop with flying colors. The baptism went really well, and she was so happy.
In other news, Manuel Barco, a guy we started teaching a couple months ago, went to the baptism, and decided that he not only wanted to get baptized in a couple weeks, but also his kid! He went to church too! I'm excited to meet his son!
We had some good lessons with some new investigators this week! Two of the three put goals to get baptized. Plus I just realized that all of them are friends from a long time ago of members who we received as references. Just goes to show that the best work the missionaries do is from referrals from members! We've been sharing a lot lately the quote from Elder Anderson that if you pray and ask God, you're going to have names and faces come to mind of people with whom you can share the gospel.
Something really cool: our ward asked us a couple months ago to do a family night once a week with members and investigators. Since it started, it's kinda struggled a bit with people going and such. Elder Jensen just happens to have a whole bunch of great ideas and plans that they've done for family nights in the past! We had a super great activity this past week, and the people that came seemed pretty excited to invite the rest.
Last kinda miraculous thing from this week. Simon Rios is a fairly interested referral we received my third week here. He lives super far away from everything and we could never find him home. We've tried calling and all kinds of stuff like that, but we've never had a lesson with him. The missionaries where he works go by and teach him from time to time. Finally this past week, we arranged a meeting in the chapel. There just happened to be a ward baptism! He saw it and really liked it. We were also able to answer a lot of his questions. Have a great week! Love you guys!

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