Monday, April 1, 2013

San Salvador de Jujuy - April 1st

I always love writing every week. It really helps me see how the Lord´s helping me and recognize the personal progress I´m making that I don´t notice from day to day.
We had two day divisions this week. I was with Elder Parada from Columbia, who´s 18, is engaged, and has 4 months on the mission. It was really weird being the unofficial senior comp. It was way awesome though! I had to plan by myself because he didn´t know the area. I felt really good about the plans. We were going to pass by every single reference we had and the morning looked really promising. When we started, nothing happened for two hours. When we got to lunch, not even the less actives that were going to be there showed up. I was feeling pretty terrible, questioning my ability to run the area without a senior comp. I was also praying a ton. It´s a really good thing prayers are answered. After what I like to think about as a trial of our faith, things really started picking up, to the point where we ended the day having about twice as many lessons as usual!
It was also really cool because we really worked hard on remembering to ask for references this week. There´s a promise in Preach my Gospel that talks about how when missionaries ask references from everyone, they usually have plenty of people to teach. And it´s true! We got so many references (I guess it´s referrals in English...) this week, just because we asked everyone! It was really cool to see a promise of the Lord fulfilled. Especially when we asked an older person, and he said no, then his 9-year-old daughter had someone in mind. The little miracles are just so cool.
We also had another mini miracle. We got a reference of a neighbor, and started talking to her. She let us in, and we shared the restoration in about 2 minutes. Then we went to close with a prayer and Elder Sant said, "Your name was Viviana, right?" Then we both realized that we´d never asked her name, just gotten it from her neighbors and started to teach her. Thank goodness for the Spirit. She didn´t realize, and we were protected from what could have been a very awkward situation.
I love prophets! I´ve been reading the October general conference in preparation for the next one, and it really is so cool to have messengers from God who give advice so specific and appropriate for our day that helps in every aspect of our lives. I´m so excited for this weekend!
Also, I´m super grateful to have a family with temple-married parents. There really is so much heartache that´s avoided by marriage. I´m also grateful that you guys didn´t raise me in an idol worshipping home. I always kinda thought that was a commandment for the olden days, but after a week of pascua, I realized it still applies. A whole bunch of people hiked up to this somewhat creepy giant cross on the hill. It´s just nice to know who God really is, and have the existence of our Heavenly Father manifest in many different blessings in life.
Well, lastly, Easter was pretty cool, because we had an investigator that we never thought would come to church come to church! We talked to her once in the week. She´s a former that was dropped because she never went to church and she´s never home. In the lesson she asked a lot of questions and at the end said, "Okay, I´ll try to go to church, if I wake up." We passed by Sunday and her mom said, "I´ll try to wake her up, but who knows." Then we got a text during priesthood meeting (Sacrament Meeting is last here, too) saying that she was on her way! It was really cool. Then at the end of the day, an investigator gave us chocolate eggs, which just made it feel almost like home.
Well, I love you all! I hope everything´s going well at home!

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