Monday, April 22, 2013

San Salvador de Jujuy - April 22nd

Elder Jensen and me

Hey Family!
We had transfers today. My new companion is Elder Jensen from Arizona. He´s very cool, for the few hours I´ve known him. And cooks really well!
It was funny when Elder Sant left. Camila hit him. She wasn´t very happy.
Me with Rocio and Camila and the hat Rocio gave me

I went to do a little tourism last week! It´s a place called "Shopping." It was basically an American style mall. Kinda cool.
Landon and Landon

I did divisions with Elder Landon Henrikson from Salt Lake this week. It was very cool. He was so full of energy and was just crazy. He´d pull out some pictures of prophets in the Bible, tell their stories, testify of modern day prophets, and challenge people to baptism. They accepted, too! It was really fun to be with him, and I learned a ton. I think that´s one of my favorite things about being with other missionaries - learning the different things they do that help a lot. Oh! And the crazy part. His sister´s name? Caitlin. Spelled just like that, too.
We had a really cool lesson with a former investigator. We were walking in what I like to call The Bandilla de Sión, or in other words, Zion´s gang. Camila, Alan, us, and another recent convert named Dario. It was so powerful to have so many members present! They just kept testifying and inviting the Spirit! I felt it so strongly, and this girl decided that she really wanted to completely change her life.
Something crazy - at lunch we were watching an EFY video and I saw Caleb Ceran. It´s so weird to see people I´ve met all over the place in church media.
One of the cool things about being accompanied by so many members is that one of them that came with us took us in his car! It was really cool. And fast. And comfortable. I loved it!
One last cool thing that happened. We had a ward baptism this week, and Alan brought a new friend to it. It was someone who he´d met a couple hours before that he started talking to, and just decided to invite to the baptism. It´s so cool seeing members responding to the call of apostles and doing their own missionary work.
Okay, one more. Remember Leila with all the questions? Well she´s totally getting baptized this week! I´m super excited for it!
Well, I hope everything´s going well.
Love you guys!

Camila and Regina

Our Bishop

My district that just drastically changed

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