Sunday, April 14, 2013

San Salvador de Jujuy - April 8th

Happy week after conference, family!
First off, I watched conference in english for everyone that´s wondering. All the gringos did. There´s just a difference between understanding the language and really comprehending the language, and not many of us can catch all the allusions, metaphors, and stories in Spanish. Even the guys with 23 months. I´m considering trying it later in my mission, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it in my native language.
In answer to your question: Yes, it´s getting colder. There are leaves all over the place, but since everything´s already mostly dirt and rocks, it doesn´t look really out of place. 
Well, it was somewhat of a bittersweet feeling this week. The week went pretty well, then ended with no investigators going to the conference.
First off, we have a new star investigator. Her name is Leila. We went by to have a lesson and she said, "I tried reading this book you left because it sounds really cool, but I´m not exactly sure how it works." We went through and read the first ten verses of Nephi. She asked a question about just about everything, from footnotes to temples. It was really cool! Then she called us Sunday wondering why no one was at church. Unfortunately, she couldn´t go to conference due to work.
We also had a cool experience with Camila, our most recent convert. She is so converted! We mentioned "Angel Moroni" the other day and she understood perfectly what we were talking about. She also gets the organization of the church and all the auxilliares, has a favorite apostle, is going to institute twice a week, has a super strong testimony, is excited to have a calling and to do missionary work, and just loves the gospel. I had no idea it was possible to be so converted in less than three weeks. The other day she went with us to an appointment and just started talking and relating to the investigator and bearing her testimony. It was like we were out with an RM!
Anyway, I loved inviting everyone to conference! It was so cool to just tell every person that we have a prophet that receives revelation from God and that we get to listen to him LIVE! It made me really happy this week!
In other news, we got a lot of references this week from a lady that actually knew just about all of her neighbors. And we had an unexpected chance to do service by helping our neighbors move!
We got a challenge from our mission president to read the Book of Mormon in 60 days, focusing on missionary work and the Atonement. The first few days have been really cool! I´ve thoroughly enjoyed reading at that pace, with only one focus in mind. It´s something I´ve wanted to do since I heard Elder Bednar mention it in one of his MTC talks, but I´ve just never found the motive. Now I have!
I don´t think I´ve ever run so much in my mission. Nor has the time between conference sessions ever gone so fast. Our area is roughly 1.5 miles from the stake center, so after every session we ran back to try to convince our investigators that this really was one of the greatest opportunities for the next six months. It was also really cool to have 4 chances to do it!
As for conference, Elder Packer started it off so well! Then Elder Cook´s talk on peace was just what so many people needed. Between Bednar, Perry, and President Monson, they were very direct about obedience to the commandments. No excuses now! The other couple themes I got were the power of the boys that hold the Aaronic Priesthood and their potential, and how every member can "Catch the Wave" (that was so fun to hear Elder Nelson say that phrase!)
Well, I love you all! I hope everything´s going well at home, and that you take advantage of "conference in your pocket" as Elder Scott was saying!

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