Monday, April 22, 2013

San Salvador de Jujuy - April 15th

Hello Family!
Real quick, anyone have any idea HOW Martin Harris lost the book of Lehi? I was just thinking about that this week, and I just can´t quite imagine someone just forgetting a manuscript of that degree of importance in a public restroom or something.
So this week has been really cool with a great Book of Mormon focus. It´s amazing how much power that book has!
We had a zone training on how to use it more effectively, and as we starting to apply stuff, people really started to react! Our first lesson after the training, we read the whole introduction with a guy. When he got to the end where it talks about Moroni´s promise, he looked up and said, "Is this really true?" It was such a great opportunity to bear testimony! I think one of the most important things on your mission is knowing that every single person has the right to receive an answer if they´re willing to ask, and knowing how to help them recognize that answer when it comes. I´m glad I´ve received an answer every time I´ve asked in every way I could ever ask for.
We had a similar experience with a less active later that day. He admitted that he didn´t believe the Book of Mormon was true anymore. He starting throwing some Anti-Mormon stuff at us to "prove" that the Bible was all we needed and that the Book of Mormon isn´t necessary. We were able to just bear testimony that what he said wasn´t true. It was so cool to feel the Spirit witness of what we said. In the end we shared some personal experiences, and he committed to try harder to receive and recognize his answer.
On another topic, I unknowingly had a lesson with a witch this week. It was some random lady in the street we met, that was aparently a former investigator. During divisions with members, Alan and I went to go visit her. It was really weird. She was talking about how she saw Jesus sitting on the grave of her dead husband, and kept doing this weird prayer thing. Then in the middle of the restoration she just got up and said she had to go. So we closed with a prayer and left. After talking to Elder Sant about it, he started putting the clues together and matched up the address with one in the area book where it says, "This woman is a witch. She robbed the missionaries and killed her husband. She acts nice, but don´t go there." We ended up talking to members about her and found out that the area book version was a little bit exaggerated, but that we still shouldn´t go back. I´m just happy we´re safe! Plus it makes for a fun story.
Mom, I used your plate and a bowl activity from primary to teach this week! There´s a member family we eat with and the kids get bored really easy. We talked about President Monson´s talk about obedience, and rolled the marble around in the plate and the bowl to demonstrate how rules keep us safe. They were enthralled. Their dad too! It was great!
I finally dreamed in Spanish! Something about a mother-in-law. Not sure what it was about, but I was thinking in Spanish when I woke up! It was a fun first.
So we have an investigator right now that´s so cool! Leila´s already gone to church three times (including to the wrong chapel for general conference), and just wants to learn! After teaching about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity, she said "Great! What else?" We mistakenly mentioned tithing, and that we´d talk about it later, but she said we couln´t leave until we explained it at least a little, so we ended up teaching it. The next time we taught the ten commandments and her first words were, "Finally!" The fun part was that her Catholic mom was listening in. When we got to Sabbath Day, she asked her mom if she believed in it. When she replied yes, she asked in good humor "Well why don´t you do it?" It was kinda really funny and left her mom speechless.
In church we taught about the priesthood in principles of the gospel. I realized just how blessed I´ve been all my life to have had a father who holds the priesthood in my home. It really has helped me out a lot...
Anyway, hope everything´s going well with you guys! Love you all!

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