Monday, July 22, 2013

Tucuman - July 22nd

Hey Fam!
Not much time today, but I'll write what I can.
We helped a couple guys move a wardrobe the other day and we got to teach them! It was a cool lesson. The guy's wife (they're married!) wants to go to a church. Talking to her made me realize just how grateful I am to be raised Mormon instead of Catholic. They do weird stuff. It also made me grateful for marriage in the US. It's much easier to fulfill the law of chastity when it doesn't take a few months to get married and years to get divorced.
Something that really hit me this week is the power of testimony. If we have a testimony, it doesn't matter what challenges or trials we have - we'll keep the commandments. There are some people I've met that don't go to church or keep other commandments because it's cold or because they have disagreements and all kinds of junk, but really if we have a firm testimony of the gospel, we'll keep receiving the blessings no matter what.
There was a mini earthquake here. I didn't feel anything.
I really like the Liahona. Like it's name, the words of modern prophets are such a great guide when we read them with the spirit in today's world.
Lucas, the kid that would have gotten baptized a couple weeks ago had his mom let him, came with us to pick up investigators to go to church. He's kinda immature, but when he gets with the young men and young women, he fits right in. He's really cool like that.
We had lots of service opportunities this week! From cooking to construction with cement to helping install automatic locks in a car. Really fun!
A scripture hit me in church yesterday - Matthew 11:30. The gospel is the easiest way to live. There was a holiday the other day and everyone was drunk. Plus one of our investigators was super high and doing dumb stuff when we went by the other day, and it made me realize just how easy life is when we obey the commandments.
Last cool story - Sara, who's around 30 and getting baptized as soon as she stops smoking got a blessing from God! Her dentist told her that when she stops, she'll get a free tooth cleaning! It's really cool to see the Lord's hand in the little things.
Well, gotta run! Love you all!


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