Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tucuman - June 24th

Hey my wonderful amazing beloved family!
I just want to say how cool you guys are. I love getting letters from every single one of you in a week. It just makes my Monday a million times better!
Anyway, yes, I saw the conference. It was interesting - no one showed up to open the stake center until five to the hour, and we got the picture and sound up and running around seven ten our time (ten minutes after it started). We missed most of what Elder Holland said. I was so glad to speak English, because they couldn't get the language changed until about 7:20. Such great messages! For now, we're not going to be seeing any changes here in Salta, but it'll happen in the next few months or years.
I got a hair cut this week! It was fantastic. There´s a member here that has a salon with all the toys, and she cut it for free! That was really cool.
Our baptism this week didn't happen. I don't feel too sad. She needs a little more time to prepare, and I'm sure that she and her family will get baptized eventually. Her dad didn't want to give her permission. Her mom is all on board, even though she's never gone to church, because she's seen the changes in her 10-year-old daughter. It just made me think of how wonderful it is to have two parents who love each other and are on the same page.
I went on a division with Elder Ingalls from Evanston this week! Their apartment has the nickname of "The Bat Cave." There were parts that really looked like a cave. I should have taken a picture. The problem is that I hardly take my camera anywhere. I'll try to improve on that.
It's been really cold and rainy this week. I'm very grateful for all the cold weather gear I've got, but it looks like MAYBE it might be sunny now. Maybe. The weather changes here are worse than in Utah.
I had an adventure this week with a brand new Elder. We went on exchanges for a bit during the baptismal interview and we got a little lost. It was kinda fun to be Sr. Comp in the lessons we had, though. My Spanish really is coming along, and I have a testimony of the gift of tongues.
I heard a fun story this week from a convert we ate lunch with. I like to ask how they came to know the church. He said the missionaries came by, taught him, and he prayed to God for an answer. That night, he dreamed that he was sitting there at a big table, with him on one end, and God on the other. He shouted to the other side of the table, "God, is the church true?" And said that God gave him a thumbs up. So he decided to get baptized! I really know that God answers prayers. We may have to have a lot of patience, and we may not recognize the answer until much later, or maybe even never, but I know that he answers them. If we're in need of help, strength, or if we just don't feel very good, we can ask Him for help, and he will help us. Always.
I love you all a ton. Thanks for being a great family. Mom and dad, thanks for all the family nights and taking me to church and teaching me stuff in general. It's really coming in handy now that I'm teaching a bunch of kids. Some of which are really old kids, but I'm very grateful in every case for the instruction I received in my home.
I hope that you all have a great week!


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