Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tucuman - July 1st

Hey Fam!
So this week was pretty cool. The topic of temples came up a lot. Tori sent me a letter saying that her mission had a temple day, where they had stations set up all around the temple to explain to investigators about the temple. Also Grandma Willey sent me a letter that made me remember all the cool experiences I've had in the temple. Have any cool temple related experiences lately? Sounds like Caiti's getting prepped with the Family History!
I've been working a lot this week on seeing people how they can become, and not judging them. On Friday we contacted some snakes in the street. As they walked past, one of them said to me "My sister wants to go out with you. Does she have a chance?" So we talked to them about Christ and the gospel and got their address. We went by in a part of our area where we've never gone before and contacted their family of 10. Then, on Sunday, 4 of them went to church. Cool, right!? Freaked out a few members because they look a little rough around the edges, but everyone can change!
We had some really cool lessons with a family we're teaching - the Jimenez-Garnica family.  We taught the Word of Wisdom and they had a lot of doubts. The next day we introduced them to Malta - fake coffee - and they were living the Word of Wisdom! We talked to them about tithing and the mom started crying, and told us the story that in that morning, they didn't have money to buy breakfast, but her sister had brought something over, their uncle had come by with some food, and the teacher of her daughter gave her something to eat. She connected that to her obedience with the WoW and tithing in her other church. God really does care about every one of us. He prepares the blessings when we comply with what he commands.
Our gospel principles class was HUGE this past week! We had two less actives come, and both brought family members. We had a great lesson on the sacrament.
We had a fun lesson with a member present this week! A convert gave us the referral of her friend from a yoga class that she took last summer, so we went by and the referral's sister, who just happens to be an active member in another part of the city, was there visiting! Members have so much power in lessons! As missionaries, we can testify all we want, but when friends and family members add their testimonies, it's much more powerful.
Mom and Dad, thanks for teaching me to budget! It's really nice having money when everyone else doesn't because I budget mine. Last crazy thing - my companion's brother was called as a bishop! The weird part? He's almost a year younger than Craig! I tried imagining Craig as a bishop and I couldn't do it. That just seemed crazy to me. Hope you all have a great week!


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