Monday, July 22, 2013

Tucuman - July 15th

Hello Beloved Family!
There were transfers today, but no one in our district moved anywhere.
Happy 9th of July! It's the independence day of Argentina. Or at least one of them. They look for every excuse to have a party and skip work. In our neighborhood it was really boring - no one did anything. Not even a firework. But there were a lot of people in their houses for the vacations, so that was great!
I found out that I'm really bad at soccer. Just so you all know. It´s a great way to make contacts on P-Day, though!
I found out this week that I really like having a knowledge of the gospel that I've built up over the years. We had a few investigators this week that had all kinds of questions, and the members with us tried to answer them all. Were they ever so confused. The gospel has the answers to just about everything, but you can't learn it all just like that. You have to build it up if you really want to understand it all. I'm so grateful that I was born in the gospel and given that chance.
We found a really awesome family! They totally recognized the spirit in the lesson and didn't even need our help! The dad did the prayer at the end and said, "That was weird. I don't feel like that when I do Catholic prayers." I love working in our Father's work with a member of the Godhead to help out. It just makes it so much easier.
I kinda lost my CTR ring on Monday. I said a prayer and we went back to look on the soccer field, but it was no where to be found. I kinda gave up. Then during the week one of the investigators that gave us ride back from soccer said that he found a ring in his car. God really does listen to prayers, and cares about even the stupid little things. I'm really grateful for that.
On the way to a lesson my companion decided we should take a shortcut. Normally we avoid those, but we felt like it would be better. We saved about 5 minutes getting to the appointment, and ended up getting there right before one of our investigators lit up a cigarette. Yet another evidence of the Holy Ghost helping in every moment of this grand work, if we're willing to pay attention.
I gave a talk in church again at a moment's notice. It was nice because I was able to give the same one I gave last time since I'm in a new ward. It was a fun reminder to me of the ability every one of us has to receive "daily or even hourly revelation" (Elder Bowen).
Well, thanks for the letters! I hope you all have a great week! Love you guys!

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