Monday, August 5, 2013

Tucuman - August 5th

Hey Fam!
Wow! Are we ever seeing the influence of husbands lately! We had a lesson last Monday with a really cool, really open, really prepared lady. Then her husband told us never to come back ever. We also talked to a lady that was really active until she married a non-member that didn't want much to do with the church. She started focusing more on work and hasn't gone to church in years. I know the stories sound kinda negative, but the spirit was so strong when we were talking to those ladies. It just made me realize how important it is to choose someone to marry that is just as spiritually strong as yourself if not stronger, or else it could have some bad consequences.
On a brighter note that has to do with husbands, we're teaching one that's FINALLY coming around! Remember those two girls whose dad doesn't want to give them permission? Well Friday, after around 2 months of trying to help her, their mom received the answer to her prayer. It was like a night and day difference. She was so full of doubts and reluctant to accept anything, then it just changed. We had a lesson with the kids' primary teacher, and she got talking to the mom and shared her conversion story. The next day, Hna. Jimenez (the mom) was completely different. It was amazing! We starting talking to her husband about marriage and giving permission to get baptized and such. The Spirit is so much stronger with the two of us, his three kids, and his wife all helping to convince him to listen to the promptings of the spirit! Families are designed by God. I know it.
Us and the young men and women, including Lucas in the hoodie.
Lucas passed his classes! We asked him what was different about this time and the past two years that he's tried to pass them. He said that he prayed. How powerful is something simple like that! We're trying to help him to recognize that as an answer to his prayers, and relate it with his question about baptism. He'll come around!
There's been a change of temperature, and I got a lot of bloody noses this week, but it's okay because the week ended amazingly! We had 13 investigatos in Sacrament meeting, and all the less actives decided to come. Attendance was around double--almost 100 people! Plus I was happy because we got to our investigators in the morning before the evangelist bus that drives around picking up kids to take them to some apostate church where they brainwash kids - but we got there first! Mwahahaha!
We talked to a guy this week who really believed in transsubstantiation with the sacrament. It got me thinking about all the crazy deep doctrines Satan's invented and how grateful I am to be teaching the pure teachings of Jesus, and to be part of His true church where there is never any error in the revelation nor doctrine.
Anyway, I love you guys! I hope you're all as well as you sound!


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