Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tucuman - August 12th

Dear Family,
I doubt that you guys know just how much influence you have on me from so far away. I love you guys so much and pray for you often!
More asado.
We started this week with another asado (BBQ). I'm starting to think that they might be against the word of wisdom... I've never seen so much meat in my life! There was kidney, filled intestine, blood sausage, and the normal stuff, of course. Honestly, it was cooked to perfection and really good. I felt like I was in rodizio grill!
I'm so grateful to be a member of Christ's true church. We passed a church that said, "Cult services, these days" and this terrible sound of someone singing very off tune about something to do with the gospel was coming from the door. Then we met a bunch of people that were ticked off with the Testigos (JWs) because they didn't permit blood transfusions and someone here almost died... something like that. I'm just glad to not believe in the traditions of man.
I read a part from general conference from Elder Bednar. I realized just how great it is to have a body, and how crucial they are in our eternal progression. It's great to have apostles and prophets to clarify doctrine! Plus they make surprise talks in church much easier (you can guess what happened yesterday. I'm learning to love opportunities like that!)
I got to do... divisions... to work with another elder, Elder Bench. He's fairly new and still talks like a gringo. I realized that my Spanish has come a long way, and I think I'd finally consider myself fluent, although far from perfect. It was really cool to be senior comp for a day! We had a ton of fun together. I have fotos, but I'm not sure I'll have the time to send them this week.
Me and Elder Ortega.
This week, I thought of my wonderful siblings. It's cool to see the blessings we have in our family!
We miraculously found a menos activo... less active. We were walking and felt like we should go to another street. So we did. The person we wanted to visit wasn't there, but this little girl said hi to us. So we started to do the street contact and she got her mom. Turns out she's a member who's been thinking about baptizing her kids this past week. Yesterday she ran into another member and got thinking about it more. Then God sent us to her last night. This work is full of miracles, and I love it!
Well, that's my time, but I want you all to know that you're so very wonderful and a great help for me. Until next week!


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