Monday, May 20, 2013

San Salvador de Jujuy - May 20th

Hello Family!
That's fun you had rain! We had a little this week too. With a lot of cold. It's really not THAT cold, but out of nowhere after summer, the people here are in parkas. Today was a little better.
Well, the mission life is always great! Alan and I went on divisions this week. That was kind of fun. It was like being with a missionary fresh from the MTC. He's such a great missionary! He needs to finish up school so that he can get out there on a mission.
My comp went to Salta this week. That was fun! I bought so much stuff by means of my comp! Like a children's song book in Spanish (It's easier to keep thinking in Spanish when the songs stuck in your head are the same language), along with a mini PMG and a video of the restoration. I also converted some of my dollars and bought speakers that I found for 10 dollars off. It's SO nice to have music again.
Manuel is SUPER committed to his date. He had an interview with the bishop this week and said that they had a few things to work out, but that he felt so good talking to the bishop and getting himself ready. It really made me realize what a great blessing bishops are. They do so much and have to deal with so many hard situations, but they help SO much. I can't imagine repentance without having those wonderful representatives of the Lord here to help us.
Ariana didn't go to church this week. In her words, "It's hard - I want to go, but there's always some kind of barrier!" She ended up sleeping over at a friend's house Saturday night after there was some kind of a public disturbance in the street near where she was. But still, she'll make it to baptism. Only 14 years old, but she reads everything we give her. She even did the additional study at the end! I've never had anyone do that before.
Members moving is no fun. I finally figured out how there are so many lost sheep in the world. People get baptized, stop going to church, and move to who knows where. Their records stay in the ward, but who knows where they went? The fun part is finding them again and helping them remember their testimony and come back!
Mormon Messages are cool and powerful. Great way to invite the Spirit into a lesson. I highly recommend taking the time to watch a few.
I gave a talk in church! We found out Friday night and I spent Saturday morning prepping. We got to church and they said they'd only need one of us, so they picked Elder Jensen. The first two speakers spoke and finished by 11:30 (ends at 12). The counselor got up and said "We'll now be hearing from Elder Willey, followed by Elder Jensen." It was a surprise, but I was glad I'd brought my stuff. I gave a talk on Revelation, using the story of Wilford Woodruff and his carriage, Nephi 15 when he reprimands his brothers for not asking the Lord, a quote from Elder Bowen on writing questions and answers to gospel topics, and quotes from Bednar and Hinckely on recognizing. It was great. I haven't borne my testimony like that from a pulpit for a while. What an oportunity we have to study and share the gospel with our neighbors every once in a while!
Anyway, that's the week! Love you guys!

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