Wednesday, May 15, 2013

San Salvador de Jujuy - May 13th

Hey family!
So most of what I´d say I´ve already said.
Bruno, the son of a less active, went to church yesterday. It was so great! I think the fact that his mom doesn´t want him to get baptized just made him all the more committed to go. We´ll see what happens, but I think with a lot of fasting and prayer, if he has a powerful testimony and expresses that to his mom, she´ll let him do it.
Manuel is progressing really well. He opened up to us a little this week about his past. Life can be really hard, but really the gospel has a lot of power to help us out. He is really starting to understand everything and it´s looking pretty sure that he´ll get baptized not this Saturday, but the next.
Ariana, the girl we talked to in the street, couldn´t go to church yesterday. She stayed up late at a stupid quince (the crazy parties people throw when they turn 15) and didn´t wake up. But, she did watch the Joseph Smith movie! Twice! That was cool. And people always love learning about the Plan of Salvation.I finally laminated the pictures I have! It´s so much easier to teach that with pictures.
For the family night we did this week we taught about tithing and did a type of Don´t Eat Pete. We put ten ten-cent pieces on the paper and you had to pull them off until you got to the "tithing piece." Then, depending on how many you took off, you got candy. It was really fun and all the kids (and adults) were happy!
Well, seventh months in. The spanish is finally starting to impact my English. I´m still pretty good in English, though. I think.
We found a really cool couple this week! We only taught them in the door, but the wife seemed really interested. I´m excited to see what happens there.
One last thing: Gospel study is so interesting! There´s so much deep doctrine out there. If you ask me, that´s just one more testimony of the church. Even just the basic stuff like Agency or Faith - there´s so much to learn about it! Even from stuff like Principles of the Gospel. There´s some deep stuff in there.
Anyway, love you guys! Hope everything is well! Sounds like it!

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