Monday, June 10, 2013

Tucuman - June 3rd

Hello Family!
So it was translados, err, transfers today, and I got transferred. I got moved from my ward in San Salvador de Jujuy to a province more to the south called Tucuman. I´m in a ward called Villa muñeca. City of Dolls I´m guessing is the translation? Anyway, very excited! My companion is Elder Ortega from Mexico City. It´ll be fun!
Good news and bad news: Manuel got baptized! 
Manuel's baptism
A week later than he wanted to due to the work trip, but he did it! His mom and sister also came to support him. That was really cool. The bad news is that our baptism for the next week couldn´t get permission from her mom. Ariana, that understands really well, even though she only had 14 years.
Kevin (Alan's brother) eating a churipan
We had a ton of people go to church this past week! We found this family that had member relatives in other parts of Jujuy. The parents weren´t too excited to go and decided not to, and I think the 16 year old daughter only went because we´re gringos, but the 12 year old son was super pumped! Both kids brought a friend to church and it was really awesome. Plus we had an investigator come who´s been listening to the missionaries where he works in another area. He wants to get baptized really bad, but his wife is really Catholic, and wants him to take their son to catechism, which just happens to conflict with the sacrament meeting. Annoying, but he´ll get there in these coming weeks!
We ate with Alan´s family yesterday and had a huge barbeque. 
It was really cool, because it ended up being my last week there. 
Me with Alan and Elder Jensen
Anyway, I usually go through my journal and write the highlights, but with packing and the 5 hour trip and all I didn´t do that. So basically that´s what I remember from this past week. Hope everything´s going well!

Me with the Benitez family

Me with my District

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