Monday, June 10, 2013

Tucuman - June 10th

Hello Family!
This week was VERY different. My comp is crazy, but in a good way. I think the best description I heard of him was the "loquito mexicano" that a recent convert gave to him. All the kids love him and everyone laughs at him (also in a good way). He´s always got a ton of energy, and it´s really fun being with him.
Me with my new comp
I´ve had to get used to a few things here in Tucum├ín. For one thing, it´s a little more dangerous, so I can´t wear my watch all the time. It´s killing me not knowing what time it is. Also, our neighbors have a rooster that crows. Every day. Really early. I´ve had desires to kill it a couple times this week. In addition, the schedule is different here. We do our studies in the afternoon instead of in the morning. I´ll get used to it quick, though.
The area here is huge! I´ve seen the bottom limit and that´s it. I´m starting to get to know it though... and I think I may even know it better than my comp. There´s not quite as many members that go to church here, but we have a Ward Mission Leader! And he´s active! It´s pretty great.
Something cool that happened: My first day here we went to give a blessing to the five year old daughter of an investigator. She has cancer. The blessing was so powerful. I wasn´t sure going in if it was okay to say that she was going to get better, but I felt so strongly during the blessing that she really was going to improve. When we went again on Friday, she´d improved! It wasn´t a ton, but it was something. Priesthood and fasting works!
We had fun with a 17-year-old member the other day. We went with her to four of her friends and invited them all to church. It was cool! Teaching is much easier when someone they know is there testifying that what we´re saying is true.
We also walked into a Evangelical gospel study this week. That was nuts. I decided that it´s possible to take the Lord´s name in vain in a prayer if you use it every third word. It begins to lose meaning. That lady was nuts... It was basically "Hallelujah! Read the bible, go to any church you want, and pray to God and Jesus will save you!" I´m glad to have a knowledge of commandments, and what it really means to have faith. We met another guy the next day who was very confused on that issue. "All we need is the sacrifice of Christ and we´re good. You don´t need to preach anything but that." I just don´t understand how people can believe in Christ, but not believe that we need to keep the commandments he gives us in order to take advantage of that sacrifice. It says that multiple times in the bible... Oh well. That´s why we´re here trying to teach them!
Me with the Zone Leaders
I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish! That was cool. I like that book. A lot. Yeah, it´s a story, but you can apply it to any situation, question, problem, whatever, and the answer will be found. I know it´s true, because like every other time I´ve asked, I got an answer through my thoughts and feelings.
We found 33 new people that let us teach them this week! It was nuts! I think one of my favorite experiences with a new guy was with an 18-year-od named Marcos. He lives in front of the church. We talked to him at the house of a member and said we´d go by his house later in the week. Every time we went by he wasn´t home. We saw him Sunday and he said that he was just about to go to church at some other church. My comp said, "Go here! It´s closer, and you´ll like it better!" So he went! It was kinda awesome!
Anyway, thanks for the letters and prayers and all that. I really appreciate it! You guys are the best!

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