Wednesday, March 20, 2013

San Salvador de Jujuy - March 18th

Well, I loved my studies this week! We got copies of the Liahona for the past two months finally! Sometimes in Argentina, it can take some time for stuff to get to you, but when it finally does, it´s so great! The words of modern prophets are so great and I kick myself daily for not reading more in the church magazines before my mission. It was especially cool because we had an investigator with a question about organized religion and another who recently had a sister pass away. There was a great article in the February that I studied for the church organization and the first presidency message in the March was perfect for our other investigator!
We´re going to have a baptism Thursday! Camila, the daughter of Regina, our most recent baptism, started listening about three weeks ago, and progressed super fast! We had her interview this past week and I just about died. We were on divisions, so while waiting for the interview to get over, I was alone with a member. The zone leader came out of the interview and told me that everything was going well, but we had to wait three weeks. I was so confused, because the pre-interview went so well. After, Camila broke out laughing and he admitted it was a joke. It took me a little bit to realize that it was a joke due to the language, but I was so confused for a little bit. Background info: the zone leader who did the interview is named Landon. On the way out he said to me, "Wow, she´s super ready. Just be careful. She´s a little snakey." He told me in the interview she´d asked him what his name was. Not wanting to tell her, he just said "The same as Elder Willey´s." And she said, "Oh! Landon." A little embarrasing that she remembered my name from about a month ago when Elder Sant and I told them during Regina´s interview, but oh well. All is well.
Anyway, this week we had an awesome family history lesson using Ether 1. I never thought that chapter would be good for anything, but it worked really well. We also had a lesson with someone who "didn´t have time." She saw a picture on Elder Sant's planner of Christ coming to the Americas. That started a discussion and we ended up sharing the Book of Mormon with her. It was so cool! We also had a lesson with a family where a lesson 1 pamphlet had magically appeared on their table before we came. They said two sisters dropped it off, but we still have no idea who they were, because no one in the ward fessed up and there aren´t sister missionaries very close. That was cool.
We also had about an hour of our time spent teaching a very, very drunk man. In the middle of the hour, we got a little time to ourselves, and looked at each other and simultaneously said, "What the crap are we going to do?" (Pardon the language, mom). We prayed, looked in the scriptures, and found something to help him. He still was in no condition to feel the Spirit, but we were able to convince him that we really did want to help and that if he was willing, we were going to help. The gospel really does have some awesome power to it.
Well, sounds like everyone´s doing well. I love all of you!

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