Monday, March 4, 2013

San Salvador de Jujuy - February 25th

We had a few miracles this week! On Monday we hardly had any lessons at all, so we decided to stop and pray. We thought for about a minute, and decided where we should go. We went to that house, and had a lesson with the son of one of our potentials! Prayer really does have power. Later in the week, we were one lesson and one less active visit away from our goal. We figured why not try the prayer thing again, right? Well, again, it worked. WIth 15 minutes left in the day, we visited one of the formers we had, and his member wife and daughter were there. Goals accomplished. All because prayer rocks and we have a loving Heavenly Father who´s very involved in His work.
So in personal study I found out that I really love the Psalm of Nephi. It´s a lot more interesting to study than I thought it´d be. Also, I found out that Isaiah makes a lot more sense in English than he does in Spanish. So if you ever feel like complaining about how little sense he makes, just feel blessed that at least he´s not making sense in your own language.
I had the fun opportunity to take a bucket shower this week! Our water stopped one morning, and Elder Sant showed me the stock of water that his last companion made. It was really cool, actually. I was so grateful for that last companion that created that huge stockpile of water. Amazing how your actions can affect someone you don´t even know at a time in the future. 
Fun stuff I ate this week - carne asada - but like, the real stuff, with lots of fat, bones, and really tasty meat, empenadas (I could eat those all day), and giso. It´s like a soup type thing. Also, I was a few seconds away from drinking tea. I really don´t understand all the rules for what tea is okay and what tea isn´t. Thank goodness for Elder Sant!
We got to do service this week! To make cement, they use dirt. Lots of people add rooms onto their roof using bricks and cement. Once construction is done, there´s usually a ton of dirt left over on the roof. Our service was helping taking all the dirt down and dumping it in the grass. It was kinda fun!
So this crazy evangelist guy stopped us this week. He looked at my comp and said, "I have a scripture for you. Isaiah 60:19-20. It´s for you (pointing to me) and you (the member that was with us) but especially for you (punching finger into my comp´s chest)." He must have repeated that like three times. He then borrowed my bible and shared the scripture. I didn´t really get it. Elder Sant was sure that he was gonna take off running with my bible, but I got it back (yay!). It made me happy that in the church we actually have real revelation that can help people, and don´t have to just make stuff up and stop random people in the street to share a random scripture.
We had a talent show this week in the ward. We sang Brightly Beams our Father´s Mercy. Everyone really liked it. It helps that I´m sure that the Lord was helping us, and also that most latinos are tone deaf.
So we had an awesome lesson with one of the investigators that I´ve been trying to teach my whole time here. We´ve passed by Mirian about every other day and only taught her once. We finally got to teach her. The lesson started with her saying that she didn´t want us to come by anymore, but later she opened up and admitted she had a drinking problem and was really embarrased every time we came by. We were able to testify of the power of the atonement, and how she truly can be free from her addiction through Jesus Christ, and realize her desire to be baptized. I love it when the spirit is super strong in lessons!
Regina's Baptism
We also had a baptism this week! It´s a lady that´s been listening for over a year - Regina. This was her fourth interview with the Stake President, and she passed! We had the baptism, and were really worried that no one was going to come after only our Ward Mission Leader, 1st counselor in bishopbric, and one other Elder were there 1 hour after it was supposed to start. Then people started coming right when we needed them. We had a sister come that was able to help Regina get all ready, then the sister missionaries came (even thought their investigator never showed up), and that really added support. Finally, we had the Relief Society preisdent show up just in time to give the welcome. Member of the bishopbric, ward mission leader, sister to help, and president of the organization. Exactly what we needed. Regina was so happy! I´ll send a picture as soon as I can. Also, her daughters just recently got intrested and started to listen! It´s pretty exciting.
Well, I love you all! Thanks for all your support!

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