Monday, March 11, 2013

San Salvador de Jujuy - March 11th

Hola Familia!

At the terminal with zone leaders and a
companionship from our zone during transfers
So I´d like to start off saying how grateful I am for the Plan of Salvation. It´s so great. We´ve run into quite a few people this week that just don´t really get it. Members and investigators alike. There´s a difference between having a knowledge of the plan and actually living like you have a knowledge. Yes, death is sad, but we know it´s not the end. And if we just focus ourselves on living in such a way that we can reach the celestial kingdom, we really don´t have anything else to worry about. I´m just glad for that knowledge.
Modern-day prophets are awesome. I ran into a March Liahona and read the article on the Spirit World. That was so cool! I didn´t know a lot of that stuff. How awesome it is that we have them!
This week we put on a Family Night. It was really fun! A lot of people haven´t played musical chairs here, so it was kinda new for the people that came. Then we related it to the circle of happiness, and how no matter how many things there are that make you happy, you´re never going to be fully happy without the gospel.
Now for investigators! We had a lesson with a lady I thought was super Catholic this week. Turns out that I don´t think she´s all that Catholic. She seems to have a few doubts about the Catholic church, and I´m thinking she might just be ready to accept what the missionaries 20 years ago started to teach her.
We also had a lesson with her neighbor that really wasn´t interested. We went by and she was always busy or doing something else. This last time she said, "I believe in the virgin. You guys don´t really believe in that, right? So go away." So we shared Alma 7:10-12, and said that we do believe in the virgin. I love that scripture. It testifies perfectly of the proper role of Mary and transitions into a place where you can bear strong testimony of the Savior´s mission. She got really quiet and the spirit was present. We got a return appointment. The Book of Mormon is the best!
Awesome miracle this week! We went by to contact someone, but they were busy, so we went next door to write down when we could come back because it was raining and next door had a canopy. As we stood there, the member that was with us (Alan - the really cool one that always comes out with us, even when it rains buckets) happened to stop in the doorway. This girl saw us and said, "One sec, my dad will be right out." And along came Oscar! Apparently he´s a former that was dropped early along the way about a year ago because they couldn´t ever find him home (He´s only really there weekends). He seemed really interested and was excited to talk to us! I love the contacts with the people that invite you in without having to say a thing.

Awesome panoramic view of street

Me in the street with Aan
Last but not least, yesterday rained. A lot. The street that´s the lowest in our area was quite literally a river (I have pictures!). But even so, it was really fun! We had appointments with investigators, so we went to them. And singing hymns never hurts! It was a lot more fun than I expected. The hat is my sombrero. We almost always wear them. It was a suggestion/commandment from the mission president´s wife when I came. It works a lot better than sunscreen, and will probably be cheaper in the long run, too. Well... it won´t take very long to be less expensive. The work is great!

Love you all!

P.S. Just FYI, It was transfers today. I´m staying here with Elder Sant, so nothing too interesting. And other people can e-mail pictures if they want.

 Choque family that feeds us and is super active!
Ferreira family - the family of Alan - super awesome
Us with Vilches family (former ward mission leader that
 went into a coma, wasn´t expected to live, woke up, had
 to get a leg amputated, and now is just a really funny member)

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