Monday, October 28, 2013

Tucuman - October 28th

Hello Family!
It's always so nice to get a letter from everyone! Thanks all!
Mom, Halloween here is a couple of people hanging their cheap plastic skeletons, a few stores putting up signs saying "HALLOWEEN" and nobody understanding what the heck it is. So... It's pretty basic. Don't worry - I'll celebrate it. I'll buy some candy today and eat it right before our interviews with President on Thursday. 
I did divisions up in Lomas this past week. It was interesting because I went there a few times when it still belonged to us, but this time we went a little further. We went to visit a contact named Marcos I'd made about two months ago, and he started talking to us. I recognized the house, the guy, the dog, everything. Plus he seemed to remember me, too. I did the prayer at the end, asking blessings for Marcos and all his family. We asked if he had any questions before we left and he said, "Just one. Who's Marcos? Is that like some kind of special chosen one or an angel that you include in your prayers or something?" Oops. Sorry Carlos. His house was identical to the house two doors down, and he just happened to have talked to missionaries in the park a couple weeks ago. Still, interesting guy!
We've been visiting a lot two girls named Romina and Ibeth (around 10 and 9). Their parents didn't let them get baptized before because their brothers are all baptized and none of them goes to church. A lot of their extended family is active. We decided that the best way to go is to just get a testimony in the two of them and let them do the parental convincing. It worked! The teaching was really boring at first, but then we started throwing in games, like "Simon Says" to teach obedience, fun signs for the ten commandments, and "Don't Eat Pete" tithing version to teach that. It was great to hear everyone yell every once in a while, "PAY YOUR TITHING!" when the person was about to pick up the coin we'd picked. Their aunt said that they were bugging their parents all week, and when their parents quizzed them, they could answer the questions. It was great! We're really excited for the baptism. Thanks for my history of good Family Home Evenings!
We've been working a lot with Miguel, too. As the week went on, he went on gaining a testimony. Then on Friday, after reading Alma 22-24, he said that he believed in God for sure, but still wasn't sure about Joseph Smith. We taught the restoration again, talking a lot about the Book of Mormon and how it is evidence. After hearing the history of the plates and stuff, he said, "This is going to be really hard for me to believe. Now I'm doubting." Even so, I know that if he keeps reading, all doubt will be lost. I love that book. It's so much easier to do this work with a god-sent piece of evidence.
We helped move a ton of dirt! It was good to get some hard work in there for a bit.
My comp got to give a surprise talk on Sunday. That was fun. It was great to see just how much the people paid attention to him, and the gift of tongues in action.
During one of my comp studies this week we talked a lot about promising blessings when we commit people to do stuff and I realized just how many blessings can be received from living the gospel. It really is incredible how every aspect of our lives can be improved.
Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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