Monday, October 14, 2013

Tucuman - October 14th

Hello Family!
This week has been kinda nuts. The land lady took issue to the fact that there are four of us in our apartment now, but legally her hands are tied. Even so, it's been kinda crazy talking to her all week. At least she's finally coming to terms with the fact that we're not leaving any time soon. We're still lacking in furniture, and that's been different, but it's been a good lesson on patience and putting the needs of others first. The great thing is that everyone understands the situation and is being really nice about it. And today we should be getting the furniture we need. Woohoo!
Having the other Elders in the apartment has definitely been different, but it's been a blast! Elder Espinosa is from Colombia, and Elder Rengifo is from Peru. It's fun having latinos around to help us understand more spanish! They're really cool Elders and hard workers.
Lucas's baptism!

Another of the baptism. Bishop's on the right.
So Lucas finally got baptized! Ah! That had to have been one of the happiest days of my mission. Out of no where his schedule started getting complicated. Before, we never had issues with that. Just goes to show that when we finally get close to the truth, Satan steps up his game. On Thursday, a couple hours after he passed his interview, he sent a message saying that he didn't want to get baptized this week. We were worrying about it all day until we finally got to visit him. Turns out there was a problem in High School about people getting invited to the baptism that he didn't want there. Luckily the gospel is much more powerful than teenage drama! The water for the baptism was freezing cold, but Lucas took it really well. After coming out of the water, he said, "That was sweet! Let's do it again!" Then elegantly doggy-paddled out of the font. Ah... It's so nice that he's FINALLY a member. He's been going with us to visit people for months now. Now he can go and share his newfound testimony as well!
So I'm remembering now how much time it took to be district leader. I'm thinking back to my days with Elder Sant when we never ever got to bed on time. It's more responsibility, but with that comes an added help from the Lord.
We had a cool miracle. We got a reference, but every once in a while the streets here are terrible in their numbering. We looked around and asked around, and people said, "Nope, nobody around here. You could try on the other side of this freaky looking canal. They might live over there." So we decided to try it. However, it was not easy to find a way over the freaky looking canal that Elder Lyman dubbed "something like the river from Lehi's dream - Tucumán style." Then we asked a lady and she said, "Hey! The lady you're looking for is my cousin! I'll show you how to get over." As we approached the bridge that I had no clue existed, a kid came riding over on his bike. She called to him. Turns out the kid was the son of the reference. He took us through the dark directly to the house that I'm sure we never would have found otherwise, and the whole family accepted the invitation to be baptized. How did we stumble upon her cousin? How is it that the kid crossed the bridge just in that moment? God knows who's ready for the gospel, and he's willing to guide us there if we let him.
Anyway, that was one of the cooler, although definitely not the only miracle of the week. This work is the best. I hope you're all having a great time participating in your own ways in the work of the Lord. I love you guys a ton!


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