Monday, July 14, 2014

Santiago - July 14, 2014

Hey Family!
I'm sitting here on Family Search trying to figure it out a little better to be able to fill out this booklet thing they gave me. It looks like we're not quite as far along as I thought... Or at least my account isn't linked to all the information. We'll see how that goes.
I hurt my fingers this week. We were playing soccer and the ball hit my thumb. Then while cleaning the bathroom I rubbed a bit of skin off my knuckle. Just wanted to complain a bit! :) It's all better now.
We found such a cool lady on Monday! Her name is Delia. She's the referral of her evangelist sister whose mother the sister missionaries contacted at a bus stop. Funny how the Lord works, right? I LOVE it when people read and pray after the first visit. It's all we really ask. The spirit does the rest. We just invite them to open the book, read a little, and ask God if it's true. Yet so many people don't do it. But Delia did! Her little daughter pulled the marker out of the part we left her, so she ended up reading in the Spanish equivalent of the index under "Commandments." She said that as she read and prayed, she felt so loved of God, and knew that she needed to be baptized. It's like President Levrino said, it doesn't matter all that much where they read, they just have to read and ask if it's true!
President Chaparro seems a little more laid back than President Levrino. Maybe it's just the first appearance. The zone conference was really weird. He just talked about all the same things that he talked about in the leadership conference. President Levrino usually left the zone leaders to train on that and trained on something different during the conference. Even so, other than that, things keep on going the same. The work is still great!
Family night is really great! We had one with some recent converts this week. The Spirit in the family is just so powerful! On Sunday one of the sister missionaries told the story about how her mom got converted because her neighbor invited her to family night. Even though it's something small, following that commandment God gave through his prophets fortifies so much the family! It's one of those little things that helps our foundation in Christ. I'm so glad I have so many great memories of my family home evenings!
Something I hate about not having too much time left is that everything starts to fall apart. A few weeks ago I started finding holes in all my socks. the zipper on my prosyliting bag isn't working anymore. On Wednesday I kept going to give people pamphlets and I couldn't open the stinkin' bag. Oh well. At least my shoes are holding out! For now. I'll keep praying. Maybe a little harder.
Gisela is SO AWESOME! I think I mentioned finding her last week - when we went to find the really far away referral that ended up not existing, but ran into the member that had moved there from another ward. She asked us the other day, "So Elders, do I know enough now to go to church?" Yes! And she went. An RM went with us to visit her and left with his eyes wide open, "Elders, she's so golden!" She's been super prepared to meet the missionaries. When we talked about the sabbath day, she said, "Ah, so I need to close my store on Sunday." And she's prepared to do it. She also gave us lunch, today. On Saturday, she invited her sister to her baptism. Her sister asked, "But you've never even gone to that church! How could you think about getting to get baptized there?" She replied that she felt so sure about it. And sure enough, when she went to church, she loved it. There are people prepared out there! We just have to find them.
We found a guy named Cristian the other day. He was so willing to listen to us. Almost too willing. It was almost kinda weird. He talked about how a month and a half ago, he activated himself in the catholic church and was going every Monday to worship San Cayetano. Yet he accepted baptism just like that. When we asked if he knew anyone else, he said, "Yeah, my grandma would be so willing to get baptized. Put her down for that day as well!" The cool thing about that is that it was after the soccer game on Wednesday. We almost didn't go out, thinking that it would be too crazy, but it ended up being really great! When we went back on Saturday, we met his grandma. Turns out that she was so willing to get baptized in that church that she'd already done it 30 years ago! It's always fun to find less actives. And she came to church yesterday! The Lord's work is just so great!
We starting praying every night by name for the people that could get baptized this week in our zone. We're also fasting continuously, one companionship per day. This week, of the seven people possible to get baptized, all seven got confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Fasting and prayer really do work. I know it. And my testimony keeps growing!
This week we ordained Oscar, who got baptized in May, a teacher. His brother also came to church, and is planning on getting baptized next week. Ordinances are so awesome! The power of God truly is manifest there. Must be why going to church and the temple are so wonderful.
Yesterday we couldn't go our in the evening, so we stayed inside planning and organizing stuff. We also had time to make a peach cobbler and played "Book of Mormon Baseball." Basically you open up to a random verse, and you have three strikes to guess the reference. It was surprisingly easier than I thought.
Anyway, that was my week. I'm still here renegando with family search. It shows up as if Craig, Caitlin, and Libby don't exist, or that they haven't created an account or something... I dunno what's going on there. Have you guys used that? Have you put in your info? Our mission president asked that we fill out a booklet of my family. I'm gonna need pictures of everyone (if they exist) from me to my great-grandparents, stories about them, dates of birth, death, and marriage, and where all that stuff happened. I'm sure that information is around there somewhere... I just can't find it on internet. Please help me out! I love you guys a ton!
Have a great week!
Elder Willey

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