Monday, April 28, 2014

Salta, La Union - April 28, 2014

Hello Family!
So something that kinda hit me on Tuesday was how important faith is. Our president talked a little about how it's not just believing, but letting that belief conquer whatever inner doubt you have, so that it's not just a small net gain of faith that causes action, rather a complete takeover of faith that causes an action full of divine power. The other day we went to go contact people. There was an older lady that said that her daughter that we were looking for had moved years ago, that she was a metaphysicist, and very not interested. So we asked her anyway if we could come in and talk about Christ. With faith and a little persistence, she said yes! Woohoo! Also, it got dark Tuesday night and we were looking for a reference. The houses here are not marked well. Especially in the ghetto areas where the shacks are just kinda thrown up at random. We had our doubts that we'd be able to find it, but we knocked on the first door with a little faith and it just happened to be the first house we knocked on! When we pray with faith, and then go out to act upon it, God gives us the miracles we need. When you pray and go out and look, missionary fun like that happens!
Fun story with that reference in the ghetto - Antonio. He lives kinda far away from where we work. Saturday we went looking for another reference and got somewhat lost on the complete other side of our area from where Antonio lives. And then guess who we just happened to bump into? Antonio! He was visiting his recent convert inlaws in their house! I love miracle lessons like that!
We had three other investigators progress this week. Jesica went to church all by herself with her boyfriend and baby! She got to church before the member we asked to go get her had time to pass by! The other two are Abigail and Jonathan. They're doing well! They came to a family night. They couldn't go to church due to a sad situation with a grandpa in the hospital, but we're going to get them to seminary this week! I love all the different things that the church does! Seminary, family night, activities, it's all just so great!
I had a baptismal interview for a guy named Josue this week. They've been teaching him for a while, and this was his third interview. The only thing that's been stopping him has been his own desire. Finally he decided that he was ready! I thought everything was going to be cake, and then we got to tithing. He said that he was fully willing to contribute, but that he didn't want to give money. It's times like those when you're really glad that you have a testimony of tithing. And a topical guide. It took me a second to find the scripture I wanted, but between that and a personal experience about how tithing helped me, he decided that he was going to try it out. Testimonies can be so very important.
I got talking to a taxi driver Friday night. He was trying to convince me that the church was started by a minion of Satan to prepare the world for the Anti-Christ. His arguments sounded pretty persuasive and you could tell that he'd looked into a lot of different things. But really, it doesn't matter to me. I've received an answer from God through the Holy Ghost, just as the Book of Mormon promises, and I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. People can tell me whatever they want, and I'm very open to listening, but nothing can replace what God has told me. I love the invitation of Preach my Gospel to keep asking our Father every once in a while if it really is true. I know he answers every time.
I strongly dislike when people want to "be okay" to go to church. They don't quite understand that the church  is there to make everything okay, not for people that are already okay to go and sit there for three hours twiddling their thumbs and listening to pretty things. Christ's teachings could not be more applicable to our day - the whole have no need of a physician, rather those that are sick. Yeah... I just kinda wanted to complain a bit about that. Hope you don't mind!
We found a drunk guy. Twice. He was very, very drunk. He could hardly stand up straight. He must have asked where the church was about 15 times. It was weird, I really wanted to help him out, but all we could do in that moment was take down his address, invite him to church, and go back when he was in a more receptive state. I got to thinking that it could very well be how our Father feels toward us. He wants to help us so much, but sometimes, there's only so much he can do for now until we ourselves take those first steps to make everything better.
I got to give my talk about prophets again! I enjoy talking about that so much. I gave a few highlights from the general conference, telling just enough of the stories to arouse what I hope would be sufficient interest to go home and watch them. How blessed we are to have access to all of those talks! And how blessed are all of you! I'm somewhat dependent on the Liahona down here due to limited computer time, so take advantage of all the technology that the "choice generation" has! Oh, and also, from my talk, if you haven't already watched the preisthood session, watch it! It was so great! And so not just for males! I'm excited to read the women's session, too!
Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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