Monday, January 28, 2013

SALTA, ARGENTINA - January 28th

Wow, so much to say, so little time, and so weird a keyboard.
This mission is AWESOME! I love this place! And my companion is totally amazing. I love him already.
So in the Airport I saw not only Randy Reese, but also Brad Wilcox. What are the odds? (I found the question mark!)
I only got about 3-4 hours on the plane, if that. So yes. In that foto I was dead. 

But I took a nap today and I´m feeling great! Travel was crazy, though. From Boenos Aires we went to another airport in the city and flew to Salta. My strap broke on my NAutica luggage, so I felt dumb trying to carry around three. Plus the Argentine airline wouldn´t let me carry on my carry on, so the guy with us had to pay to check it. But now I´m here and everything is great!
Eating at the mission home. Landon's at the head of the table.
I saw Acey in the office! He looks really well for someone super sick. He´s going in for surgery Thursday I believe. I´ll probably see him tomorrow when I go down there for paperwork.
The obedience and planning here is nuts! I love it. They translate the handbook so much more literally and just place more importance on keeping all the rules. Also, planning takes about 4 times as long (not exaggerating) and is much more effective. I always feel now like I know where we´re going with lessons and our goals for our investigators.
So Elder Sant from St. George is my companion. He´s a super skinny white guy who likes stage crew and boarding, and he looks much better with a missionary do than his long hair he had before. He is such a great missionary. He ´s got the skill of asking for references with the spirit down perfectly, and for that we don´t really have to find. Just talk to references because we get so many. The members also work here awesomely. There´s a guy named Alan (yes, he´s native even though his name isn´t) who goes out with us almost every day. He´s 18 and preparing for a mission and totally amazing.
So my iPod isn´t permitted here, so they´re keeping it in the oficina. The thing most missionaries do is buy a radio with a flash drive input. I´m thinking I´ll do that. No rush with the music. My companion has it all. I´m content using his for now, and I´ll probably put it on one of my drives.
So we had one baptisms and two confirmations this past week. Ramon is an older guy, totally hilarious. He was baptized last week, but not confirmed because he slept in after his neighbors kept him up all night. Angelo (in the foto) is 11 and just got baptized. He´s awesome as well, although admittedly, I´ve never had a lesson with him. The font here is so different. We have to clean it and it takes 6 hours to fill up rather than 1. IT´s super cool, though!
One of my favorite lessons this week was when we did seminary donuts (with oreos) for a bunch of less actives. They loved it, and the spirit was strong.
Our apartment is awesome as well. everything´s just awesome here. We actually have an automatic washer - the only one in the mission! We also have lunch here every day with the members. They all think I´m really cool, because I speak the language pretty well for a new gringo and I´m a real missionary - not a mini missionary - someone from Argentina that serves for a few months while they await visa waiters and such.
Let´s see... My photo card still is having issues. I´ll hvae to send it home and hope Craig can do something about it. Let me know what you think would be best. Also, Craig, I think mate is something they drank up in Brasil, right? Everyone drinks it here.
Love you all, hope everything goes well up there in the freezing cold!

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